Huge drop from late 60s retests to fresh 70 PT

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Re: Huge drop from late 60s retests to fresh 70 PT

Postby Hotguy » Sun Dec 01, 2013 11:52 am

Don't feed the troll!!!

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Re: Huge drop from late 60s retests to fresh 70 PT

Postby JazzOne » Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:29 pm

AliceAgain wrote:Jeffort,

I think this would be the pot calling the kettle black: "I don't understand your sudden focus on me in this thread or the motivation behind the negative presumptions you made . . . "

You made a negative - and incorrect, so far as I can tell - assumption that the OP was wholly blaming his lower performance on PT 70 on changes in the test, which is not what the OP said. The OP said,

Going through some of the previous topics, I've noticed people talking about how LR on the later tests is more subtle. I definitely got that feeling, like understanding it was a flaw question or a weakening question just wasn't good enough anymore. I also felt like there were more trap answers. My question now is, having exhausted all of my recent testing material, does anyone have any tips about how to study for this slightly new LR?

The OP said "slightly new LR" and asked for advice about how to improve. And, if you read some of the comments in the Dec. 2013 Retakers thread, other people have indeed made the observation that the LR sections of PT 70 were slightly different.

Your comments ("rubbish" "excuse") struck me as arrogant, offensive, unhelpful, and not based on what the OP actually said.

I do apologize for making it personal about you. That was not appropriate.


There are many LSAT instructors who post on this forum. Jeffort is one of the most experienced and helpful LSAT experts on this site. You're questioning the credentials of someone who's highly respected here, so please stfu. You're coming off very poorly in light of those circumstances.

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