Logic Game PT 38 Game 4

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Logic Game PT 38 Game 4

Postby Darmody » Thu Aug 22, 2013 5:07 pm

This is the one with the 5 pieces of music and each one is performed with 2 instruments. Only 2 Rules: T or N is played 2nd and each piece must share an instrument that comes before or after it.

I found this game to be very odd and more difficult than any other game I've ever come across. I managed to get only 1 wrong but guessed on 4 of the 5 questions after eliminating few options and running out of time. Are there more games like this? Or is it safe to assume (according to the 7sage video) we won't run across these types in the modern LSAT games?

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Re: Logic Game PT 38 Game 4

Postby Jeffort » Thu Aug 22, 2013 7:11 pm

That one is a unique linear game in terms of the universal rule about adjacency that controls the game as well as the variable sets with the instruments for each song. It is a one of a kind game due to those unusual features so the chances of seeing something like it again are low. However, you very well could encounter a linear game with a different variation/combination of those twists if the LSAT writers feel like doing so.

You just can never know until after the fact which unusual types of rules or rule structures the LSAT writers will decide to recirculate by incorporating them into a new game. There are instances of weird constructions that were one of a kind for a while getting repeated a long time after first appearing. It doesn't happen a lot, but has occurred enough times to say its best to play it safe and make sure you understand the workings of every game that has appeared, even the weird ones, in case something similar gets repeated.

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