New to TLS--October 2013 Exam, Working, Final Stretch

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New to TLS--October 2013 Exam, Working, Final Stretch

Postby cdach216 » Wed Aug 07, 2013 8:52 am

I know similar threads have been posted and I feel I've caught nearly all of them on here, but I'm finding a lot of frustration with mental exhaustion from studying after working ten (+) hours a day.

I have been out of school for three years, but I started studying for the October 2013 LSAT in late December 2012. When I go slowly, I get most questions correct. I have PT'd with five extra minutes per section at between 172 and 175. However, when I'm timing myself, I feel I'm going cross-eyed after half of a LR section. If something as slight as my dog walking by me occurs when I'm working at my house or when someone talks on the phone near me in Starbucks or the library when I'm doing timed sections during my lunch, I lose concentration and start to miss several questions in a row. How can I break out of this? I like switching up my studying spaces, but I'm not comfortable with knowing when a distraction occurs, I lose focus.

I'm looking to you all to help me figure out if I, and people in my situation, would do better spending a little more time doing untimed sections mixed with some timed section in various study spots to build focus, or do you feel I'd perform better with it now being two months until the exam only working on timed, complete practice tests. How can I approach this?


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