Taking the test in December?

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Taking the test in December?

Postby Chowfun » Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:53 pm

Would this kill me for Fall admissions? I want to apply this fall, but I'm extremely nervous and think that I need to take a class in order to be successful with this exam. If I take in Oct. and retake in Dec. or if I just take in Dec., will taking the test late put me at a disadvantage? Would law schools look at that unfavorably? I feel I am cutting it close.

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Re: Taking the test in December?

Postby Jeffort » Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:41 pm

Taking it in December and applying with that score will not put you at as much as a disadvantage as applying earlier with a lower October score will.

Applying earlier in the cycle does give a little bit of an advantage but does not compensate for a lower than could have been LSAT score. Schools do not admit extremely marginal applicants or ones they would otherwise reject because they applied super early. The biggest advantage to applying early is for scholly $$, but that advantage only applies to people with stellar numbers/strong applications. Getting it in early doesn't make a mediocre/weak application look more appealing to the schools. Earlier would have a little bit of an advantage if your numbers are at the lower end of but still within GPA/LSAT ranges of admitted students for the school, meaning in the range suitable for acceptance of which the school receives more similar applications than they have seats to fill each year that they must differentiate from each another.

Getting your applications in so that they will go complete once December scores are released is not at all late in the cycle in a way that would seriously disadvantage you. A huge percentage of applications are not even submitted/received until after the new year so its not like you would be submitting at the last minute at the end of the line after most others have already been received. If you wait until Feb, March or later to submit, then being later than lots of other applications would come into play as a disadvantage since seats will already have been filled by earlier admitted applicants. Other than for EA/ED applications, most schools do not start making the bulk of their admission decisions until after the new year begins.

Bottom line, only take the LSAT when you are ready to do your best. If it happens to be in December instead of October, you will be better off waiting and applying later in the cycle with a better score. Law schools do not look negatively/down at applications because they aren't complete until December LSAT scores are released, so it will not engender any prejudice against you.

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Re: Taking the test in December?

Postby Dr. Dre » Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:14 pm

Jeffort's advice is 180.

Also, high LSAT scores are becoming scarcer than intelligent students at UCI Law School. So you know for sure they're rare.

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