Need Advice On Self Study Plan and Materials/Drilling

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Need Advice On Self Study Plan and Materials/Drilling

Postby Aspirant15 » Sun Jul 28, 2013 6:55 am

Hello all, I am a long-time lurker who is now starting to prepare for the June 2014 LSAT. I have questions regarding how I should structure my self prep regimen and what prep materials I should use to drill. I have read most of the LSAT study guide threads i.e. Pilthypike's, however I still am trying to decide which approaches will work best for me. So far I have purchased the Powerscore LG and LR Bibles and have started to work through the LGB. Is it best for me to drill using the Powerscore Game Type Training books as I finish each section? (i.e. drilling all the Basic Linear type games from PT 1-40 found in the Game Type Training books) and learn all the game types like that? Will drilling all the LR and LG questions from the first 40 prep tests leave me with too few full length tests to do? Thanks for any input!

edit: I was interested in the Powerscore Game Type Training Books because they broke up all the games into the same categories that the Bible does, thus making it easier for me to drill the specific game types as I complete the corresponding chapter in the Bible. Is this a common practice?


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Re: Need Advice On Self Study Plan and Materials/Drilling

Postby Kimikho » Sun Jul 28, 2013 5:33 pm

Do drill after each section, but I would stick to Cambridge. When I started, I got the PS LR and PS LR type training. It turned out that Manhattan was a better fit for me. If you use the Cambridge packets, you can reasonably match up their categories to PS (go down to around the bottom here: BUT if it turns out you want to do a different method, you aren't stuck with the actual book. Also, the Cambridge packets do it by difficulty, too.

Obviously, I've been using the PS type training book, but I've been having to supplement with Cambridge. Drilling the problems 1-40 shouldn't leave you with too few practice tests to do, but at least with my books, the books only go 1-20. You'd have to buy 21-40 as well.

I also have the game type training book. It's just a copy of the games. It's like 60 pages long and honestly, my money would have been better spent on ones from Cambridge. There is no reason it couldn't be games 1-40.

P.S. Start with LR.

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