another postpone question

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another postpone question

Postby longlivetheking » Sun Jun 09, 2013 3:44 pm

PTing in the 170-176 range,

PT 46-59: majority in 174-177 range
PT 60-68: majority in the 170-173 range

should i wait till oct? i have 2 more shots at this and i don't really want to be down to my last shot. because that would mean insane pressure.


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Re: another postpone question

Postby UnderrateOverachieve » Sun Jun 09, 2013 3:45 pm

Take the fucking test.

Edit: Take the fucking test.

Edit: Take the test, if you do good then your applications are set. If you do bad then you can retake October and it probably won't cause problems.

If you have to re-take in December then you are putting yourself at mercy of rolling admissions for no reason.

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