Good plan for the home stretch?

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Good plan for the home stretch?

Postby Typhoon24 » Thu May 16, 2013 7:41 pm

Like most of you all who are planning on taking the June LSAT, I started PTing (PT 40+) around february/march, doing about 2-3 a week, reviewing each test afterwards. According to my calendar, I'll be done with the last one, PT 68, on June 1st.

Here's my plan:

For the final 9 days, I plan on thoroughly going through the last 9 prep tests(60-68), breaking down each even further than when I did it the first time (ex: looking at specific vocab words used, perhaps similar LR/RC subject matter, sentence structure for "main conclusion" questions, etc...), one test each day. The goal is that hopefully by test day, I'll be in the "60's mood." I also think this process is far less harsh than my usual training regimen, so I'm not worried about last minute burn out.

Would you guys say that's a good idea for the final week, or could and should I spend my time in a better fashion?


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Re: Good plan for the home stretch?

Postby Daily_Double » Thu May 16, 2013 7:44 pm

I'm doing the same, good luck Typhoon.

Except for PTs, I'm a little ahead of you, or I guess behind depending upon how you look at it. I only have about three remaining PTs. I'm just redoing the recent ones.

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