Taking June LSAT, what's my next move?

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Taking June LSAT, what's my next move?

Postby tehkris » Sat May 04, 2013 10:18 am

I've read through PSLGB and PSLRB and have a moderate understanding of question stems for both. While I can set up the diagram fine most times, finding inferences is still a challenge and I findI i'm doing each question on the master diagram. Also, as far as the reasoning section goes it is becoming an issue of pacing and timing. As the test is 6 weeks out, should I be drilling like crazy now? Or taking full practice tests? I'm in that phase of I have the tools I just don't know where to execute in attacking the actual test now. It should be noted that this is a retake so I kind of feel like I've been studying for this thing since January with a month off in March. Any advice is appreciated.

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Re: Taking June LSAT, what's my next move?

Postby MKX » Sat May 04, 2013 11:22 am

Why not drill and take PTs?

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Re: Taking June LSAT, what's my next move?

Postby tehkris » Sat May 04, 2013 11:33 am

Drilling books are coming in the mail(hopefully today). I guess that's the plan then. Drill like crazy daily until the 25th then PT daily up until the 8th. :?


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Re: Taking June LSAT, what's my next move?

Postby MrBlueSky! » Sat May 04, 2013 8:00 pm

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Re: Taking June LSAT, what's my next move?

Postby bombaysippin » Sat May 04, 2013 9:03 pm

MrBlueSky! wrote:Long time TLS fan who has been lurking in the shadows for 2+ Years...and need some advice for June 2013 (currently registered).

Finished all Power Score Bibles in 2012
Currently in Manhattan LSAT In-Person Course (March-June)
Am studying full time until June Test. Zero other obligations. Willing to study as much as needed.
Maintaining good diet, exercise, sleep.

Materials on hand/with access to:
ALL PTs (1-68)
Manhattan LR,LG,RC Strategy Guide Books
Book Broken down by question type for LR,LG,RC from 41-50

June 2007 = 158, LR-7 , LG-0, LR -7, RC -11 (Timed with experiment section)
PT 50 = 155 RC -12 , LR - 8, LG - 0 , LR - 11 (Timed w/o experiment).

All other PTs, besides 46 (used for experiment) are untouched.

LR Issues: Almost all my misses are between questions 16-22 ...I am pushing to get to question 15 in first 15 minutes (so far im close)
RC Issues: Currently choosing to read all 4 passages, but have terrible accuracy when fast reading 4 passages.

Test Taking Observation: Always feeling "rushed/anxious" and losing accuracy for LR/RC (naturally a moderate pace reader).

With all the information provided, what do I need to focus on to bump my score up...to a 170, for the June test. I am studying full time, or at least have the option to.

Thanks for any advice. Please be honest too, no hurt feelings here. I'd rather face reality on here than *wish the best* my way to a 153 on test day.

Have you tried using lsatqa.com? To see if the type of questions you're missing from 16-22 follow a general pattern, which could show you if you have a specific weakness for a certain type of LR question. Then again, if you've only taken 2 PTs, I don't really know how much lsatqa could help because you don't seem to have a big enough sample of questions done from full PTs to show a representative pattern for any weaknesses. Try doing blind review for LR too after PTs. Google blind review if you don't know what it is already and you'll be able to find out more about it from 7Sage.

As for reading comp, if you know you have trouble with accuracy, you could try doing 3/4 a lot slower and more accurately. Then with whatever remaining time left, skim the last passage and at least try to answer the main point question. If you try this approach, I've heard people try to save the comparative reading for last since it seems to be easier to answer questions for those or to skim it quickly. Then again if it's easier to do the comparative reading, then maybe it would be a good thing to accurately get all the questions right for this section.

Though, at the same time...if you're shooting for a 170 by June, you'd have to get the majority of the questions for LG and LRx2 right, and then you could afford to get like 10-12 wrong (depending on the curve) for reading comp...so idk how appropriate it would be to only try and do 3/4 if you're still having a good amount of trouble with LR questions. Sorry I guess I am contradicting my own advice? lol...

I'm signed up for June too, so I haven't taken an LSAT yet, so I'm definitely not super qualified to answer stuff lol, but Idk how possible a 170 is with only about a month left to prep if you've only taken 2 PTs. You're going to probably need a lot more PTs along with extensive reviewing of those PTs after you take them to really go over what you got wrong. This is especially the case with LR.

I think you would be better off waiting and prepping till October, unless you get some crazy consistent improvements in the next few weeks.

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