Extra Time? (ADHD)

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Extra Time? (ADHD)

Postby Legimus » Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:09 am

I was diagnosed with ADHD in high school and am currently finishing up my sophomore year of college. I do not currently take any medication, because it negatively affects my mood. I am able to do fairly well on the LSAT practice tests, typically missing 3-5 problems per section when I am not timed. However, when timed, my scores tank. I know that the LSAC offers accommodations for people with such disabilities sometimes. I also know that they flag the tests of people who have received extra time on the LSAT. I still have over a year before I actually take the test, but I was wondering, is it worth looking into? Can anyone attest as to how law schools look upon that in an application? Any other details on receiving extra time would be most appreciated.

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Re: Extra Time? (ADHD)

Postby Nova » Tue Apr 23, 2013 2:29 am

If you get extra time on the LSAT, your LSAT wont be caluclated into the medians that affect USNWR. Since most schools are USNWR whores, theyll probably treat you like you dont have an LSAT. Which is kind of like having a median LSAT, but instead of positively affecting the median, you dont affect it at all.

Unless you are really handicapped in a way that significantly affects your life (there are students at my law school like this), the schools are probably just going to blow off your extra time 170+. There is a negitive stigma about ADHD, which is basically that anyone can get diagnosed with it if they answer certain questions a certain way (same with depression, BP, etc too). Although that kind of presumption may be unfair if you sincerely have serious ADHD, your score will nevertheless elicit many doubts.

If you have a below median GPA for your target schools, I would encourage you to take the LSAT under normal condistions, so that your LSAT can be an asset to your application if you score median or above.

If you have an above median GPA for your target schools, a better arguement could be made for basically taking a bye on the LSAT. Because a win in the GPA colum and a bye in the LSAT colum looks much better than a win in the GPA colum and a Loss (below median) in the LSAT colum.

In my estimation, your cycle would be better served if you took it timed and scored at or above the schools LSAT median, rather than to taking additional time and scoring nearly perfect. Also, LSAT scores are huge factors in scholarship offers. Your bargaining power will take a hit if your LSAT doesnt count toward the USNWR medians.

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Re: Extra Time? (ADHD)

Postby sublime » Tue Apr 23, 2013 2:44 am


bp shinners

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Re: Extra Time? (ADHD)

Postby bp shinners » Tue Apr 23, 2013 12:28 pm

Are you currently being offered accommodations by your college? If not, then I would be shocked if you were granted accommodations by the LSAC. I've gone through this process with many students, and barely anyone gets offered the accommodations. Those that do have a long history of accommodation, along with a number of other factors "in their favor". You might not even have to worry about this because you might not "qualify" for accommodations under LSAC's policy. Just having a diagnosis is in no way sufficient.

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