Pt-36 RC passage-1 explanation

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Pt-36 RC passage-1 explanation

Postby jmjm » Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:09 am

Hello, I'm having trouble with the credited responses in PT-36 first RC passage. Any explanation clarifying the following much appreciated.. Thanks

Q2: Other answer choices (AC) in addition to the credited (c) can be argued to contain attributes that author has dismissed. AC (d) and (d) have both discrimination along educational/economic lines and lack of diversity (age for (b) and career for (d)).

Q4: The credited AC is (e) even though the necessary criterion it states ("only if its members feel a sense of interdependence despite different economic and educational backgrounds") is always true for computer conferences and can't be used to refute the argument. Due to the use of word "despite" the above necessary criterion does not assert anything when "different economic and educational backgrounds" doesn't exist such as in computer conference.

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