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Postby LSAT Blog » Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:03 pm

pwnyc127 wrote:
LSAT Blog wrote:
pwnyc127 wrote:What is the gold standard when it comes to test explanations? I learn better by analyzing wrong answers, identifying weaknesses, and then studying that area. I've been watching the Velocity videos, but I'm not impressed (nothing I didn't already figure out on my own). Powerscore doesn't have explanations for the newer tests, which I am using to prep.

Have you tried watching my free Logic Games video explanations? ... tml#videos

I also have low-cost written explanations for LG, LR, and RC here: ... logicgames

Yeah man your stuff is awesome for the most part. Sometimes I do things differently than you do to arrive at the same answer and my way makes more sense to me than the way you explain it though. Where's 65-68?

Glad you enjoy my stuff.

Using a different method to solve some Logic Games is totally fine. There are multiple ways to diagram and solve them.

Sometimes, the solution I show in my video is simply an arbitrary one. For some games, it may just be how I happen to solve them based on personal preference.

Also consider that different people have different diagramming approaches, styles, and preferences. For some game types, your style may jive with mine, and for others, it might not.

My hope is that the videos will show another perspective and shed some fresh light on games that you might otherwise find confusing.

Re: 65-68 written explanations, I've done LR for 65. As for the others, writing explanations has taken a back seat to other priorities. I hope to have them available in the future but can't say when.

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