LSAC Not Telling Test Center?

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LSAC Not Telling Test Center?

Postby wtrc » Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:44 pm

Trying to register for June 2013 LSAT. There are lots of centers named around the DC suburbs or in Baltimore, but for DC all it says is "DC Area Test Center". I notice for Feb it actually gives the names of the centers in DC.

Will this be updated soon? There is a huge range of test centers in DC, and I don't want to register and then get assigned somewhere awful.

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Re: LSAC Not Telling Test Center?

Postby Jeffort » Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:02 pm

You could do the smart thing and go directly to the source for accurate information from the people who have the answer. Send LSAC an email with the question and/or call them about the test centers in the DC area. Shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to write and send an email. LSAC support staff is typically fast and responsive to students questions about the test and other related things.

They may not have determined all the locations they will book in that area for the June test yet. They might be waiting to see what demand/registration volume looks like in the next few weeks, might be waiting to hear back from facilities about which ones are available, etc.

Good luck, I hope you get a good test center. Inquiring about it now is good in order to insure that you get assigned to a good test center instead of waiting until later when the good ones have filled up and also to get rid of one more thing to have to deal with/worry about leading up to the big day.

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