General question: I am 24yo.... NO SPAM [UPDATE]

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Re: General question: I am 24yo.... NO SPAM [UPDATE]

Postby mystikal » Mon Mar 18, 2013 11:16 am

Well I don't know if your being serious here or you BS/trolling up a storm.
Have you been Self studying, taking a course, tutor?
If you have been self studying you probably need to take a course either online or in class...because your obviously not getting the structure of these questions, which inturn will improve your score. If your working FT you should look into an online course ( is really good) and start prep'ing now if your planning on retaking. If you need/want to start school in this cycle there's a couple of schools I know that will accept your app for this cycle ie:University of Miami, You'll need to look up them up.

Good Luck:
Another Brown Guy

Will_Imake_it wrote:December 2012 was probably my last attempt towards law school. I busted my a$$ getting all my LORs, worked really hard to earn As in my last year of college to improve my GPA before I graduated, and volunteered in my community so my track record would look unique among others when my applications are being looked at.

After two low scores I have lost all the hope in actually pursuing a law degree altogether. Even though, I am employed by a federal agency. I am 24 years old and while living at home I can already sense a sort of grief by my parents that to them, I am wasting my time pursuing this law school. I have worked very hard the last six months to study for the December LSAT and actually saw the gains that would be considered my target score. I know there are many TLF'ers on here who would shut me up by pointing out either score 170+ or don't attempt for law school. I come from a Pakistani culture where at least in my household there is a constant pressure to figure out your career by the age of 25-26, get married, and live your life "happily ever after."

Now, with a political science degree and with few masters degree options, I am clueless as to what I can do with my life. I can say that I had my life all planned out in October 2011, when I took a shot at the LSAT that once I receive my scores I would apply to such and such schools and go on with my life. Although, that didn't workout in my favor. After, reading some words of wisdom on here and taking time off from the lsat. I came back and started prepping once again as my PTs scores started to increase I became more confident in finally leaping over this wall of LSAT. Then, came that morning to take the test and as I finished I felt more confident then my last time taking the test. But, yet again the lsat still managed to hate my life once again.

I have one question to whoever reads this, how can you be so hopeful and have a positive mindset of sitting out one whole cycle to try to score better again? How do you find confidence to perform better after you have spent 6+ months of prep, as in my case? Need some serious advice on my struggle to surpass this lsat nightmare in my life.

As I apply to my target schools with this lsat addenda, that talks about my case and frequent struggle with standardized tests throughout my academic career, I can only hope it works out in my favor.


[[UPDATE]] 02/28/13

As many of you who have read my above thread I am coming back to post my update regarding the schools that I still applied to with my embarrassing LSAT score. I attached my addenda about struggling with standardized tests throughout my academic career hoping for a spot at a decent law school.
I have been rejected from most all of my schools that I applied to [applied to eight schools] I recently received a letter from St. Thomas University school of law in Miami, FL. The letter states "Congratulations, .... we are willing to offer you admission to our fall 2013 class contingent upon successful completion (top 20%) of our introduction to Legal Studies Program." It further says that I may also be eligible for scholarship based on my rank in the course.

Now as many have replied back by saying I should stick it out another cycle and prep prep prep to beat the test and overcome my adversity regarding standardized tests. I just think I will never do better on this test. I have been depressed since December, that my PT avg. of 163-165 was just time and confidence wasted.

I want to ask whoever reads this as to what I should really do. Any honest advice will be appreciated. If I do attend do I have a fair shot at transferring out after my first year back to NEW YORK, where I am originally from?

And to those who have already gotten 180s on the lsat please don't rub it in as to I have already been through enough in my life.


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