LSAT 160 GPA 3.48 Non-Traditional Applicant - Retake?

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LSAT 160 GPA 3.48 Non-Traditional Applicant - Retake?

Postby pgiboney » Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:44 pm

In a tough situation - Want to apply for Fall 2013 cycle - Extremely disappointed in December LSAT score, regularly PT in the 165-169 range. I really cant afford to wait another year to apply - Employer expects me to relocate (another state) if I don't attend school this fall...Im also 29 years old. For me, it's FU, Florida State, or bust. It appears that I have an average/below average chance of getting into FSU, and a marginal chance of getting into Florida. I'm hesitant to sit for the Feb LSAT because i'm already late in the admissions cycle, I'm not certain that I'll be able to correct my deficiencies in a month's time, or that my score will be high enough for consideration at the extreme end of the cycle. Should I run with it and hope for the best? Or is this a lost cause? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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Re: LSAT 160 GPA 3.48 Non-Traditional Applicant - Retake?

Postby Redbandit » Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:50 am

Where would you be moving to?

If you are dead set on attending in Fall 2013, then I would recommend applying, notifying the schools that you are going to sit for the Feb. LSAT, prepping and retaking. You would be surprised with how much you can improve. Make sure you understand the mistakes that you made on the December LSAT.


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Re: LSAT 160 GPA 3.48 Non-Traditional Applicant - Retake?

Postby klondike5 » Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:19 am

I am a fellow non-traditional in almost the exact same boat as you. UF and FSU are two of the 4 schools I would consider going to and my GPA and LSAT are 3.4ish and 161. I am also being considered for a number of positions within my company that will take me out of state within the next year or so. Basically, if you change your 29 to a 37 I would think I actually wrote your post, so I think I have a pretty idea where you are coming from. I am going to go through my thought process so it will probably be a bit longwinded, but I hope it helps.

I am guessing you are in state and will be paying in state tuition, if not I would retake for sure. The total COA for me at these two schools is not bad since my wife works. The employment prospects for these two schools are widely regarded as the best in the state. I think going to either one at in-state sticker would still lead to a positive employment outcome for me. I want to practice in Florida and both of these schools can get me that, as long as I do well there. Applying now and going at sticker is not a terrible option, one I have certainly been looking at lately.

I plan on a retake in June. My last 10 practice tests before the test were 168-172 from an initial 154, so I know I can do better than I did. I do not think I can fix my problems by February, so even at my advanced age I am waiting out a cycle. My top choice is UVA and if I didn't get the 170+ I need to go there I could maybe get some decent $ from UF/FSU with a score in the upper 160's. A 161 gets me none of those choices. With those two schools a 160 or 161 is a problematic score, by that I mean a 159 is an almost certain retake, and a 162 or 163 has a very high probability of acceptance. I think you can get in with the score you have, even this late in the cycle, but you will be paying sticker and that debt will follow you for the next few decades in all likelihood. At 37 this is something I cannot accept for the employment options offered at UF/FSU.

My advice to you is to retake, but apply now. It seems to be a more urgent decision for you at this point than it is for me. Apply, but prepare to retake in February and if your PT scores are still not where you want them to be push back to June. By then you will have been accepted or rejected by one or both of these schools and will know if you really need a retake or not.

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Re: LSAT 160 GPA 3.48 Non-Traditional Applicant - Retake?

Postby mindarmed » Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:56 pm

OP, you may want to consider posting your information in this thread:

What are my chances?

But, I've got a couple questions for you:

Will you have to take out loans for your legal education? Do you have a job lined up at graduation?

If your answer is no to either of these questions, I would keep your job and re-apply next cycle.


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Re: LSAT 160 GPA 3.48 Non-Traditional Applicant - Retake?

Postby pgiboney » Mon Jan 07, 2013 3:10 pm

Thanks for the thougtful responses gentleman (ladies?).

@klondike5 - you weren't kidding when you said we were in nearly the same exact boat. My Diagnostic was also a 154, though I never broke a 171 on a timed practice test. I had gotten to the point where missing 16 or more questions was unthinkable. Yet here we are!

You hit the nail on the head - it is an extremely urgent decision for me, and because of that I've decided to apply now, like you suggest. I've decided I'm not going to retake in February -in my current mental state, I dont believe I'll be able to dedicate the time and focus necessary to score at my upper limit. Need time to rebuild my confidence. If I don't get accepted to either school, I'll be retaking in June or October, shooting for next cycle - though it will be an extremely difficult proposition with a forced promotion. As for the debt...

"Will you have to take out loans for your legal education? Do you have a job lined up at graduation?"

Armed, when the wife and I commited to the law school route early last year, I had no idea how easy a higher LSAT score could turn into scholarship $$$. I figured my being a non URM, and my financial status would mean I had little or no chance of being granted any financial aid. Further research (and this forum) showed me how big of a mistake that was. But the positive thing is that my wife and I have been saving for a year to pay for this thing. And we've saved alot. The big appeal of FSU and FU was their low in-state tuition. Currently, I have no financial debts. As I said before, knowing how much money was available for high scorers and recieving a much lower than anticpated score absolutely crushed me. But since I planned to go to law school under these circumstances anyway, and taking my current situation into account, I'm not sure paying sticker is a good enough reason to stick it out until next cycle. I suppose I'll just have to wait and see what happens and make a judgment call then. Unfortunately, with this score, the decision may already have already been made for me.

Thanks for all the advice fellas, and good luck with your own careers!

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