Testmasters LSAT Course Experience

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Testmasters LSAT Course Experience

Postby hondars112 » Mon Nov 26, 2012 1:12 am

Hi all

Finished my testmasters course, i found the materials helpful, the videos online were great, but i was not happy with my instructor and would not recommend anyone to her, period. In all my life, i have never come across someone like her, she was very rude when i asked questions, she wouldn't properly answer them until another student mentioned it and more importantly, not capable to teach in a friendly environment if you get my drift. I watched the Robin videos online and enjoyed them more than going to class honestly i wish i could have just done the online course. I learned more from the videos online. I am a relaxed individual and try to make the most of what i have, but i took some time out of my day to send a complaint to Testmasters regarding my experience with my course. If anyone is on the fence stick with the online course with Testmasters or obtain a visitor pass to see what the instructor is like before taking a live course, because if a instructor can't properly teach and answer questions, it may be more helpful to do online course then spend the extra money.

I just wanted to also point out that i took the 7Sage course and found it very helpful but i had to cancel my membership because i wanted to stick with the testmasters methodology, if i need to retake a course for future improvements, i will probably try them out again.

Studying since December 2011,

History of courses i took since:

Did Kaplan Live course LSAT- Saw some improvements from cold diag. but not much. It may help students that are PTing under the median.

Velocity LSAT comprehensive course-after 2 weeks i asked for a refund, this company is a joke! stay away.

Thanks for looking and feel free to leave a comment.

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