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LR Cambridge LSAT

Postby Cesc » Wed Oct 31, 2012 11:06 am

Hey guys!
I have problems with the LR section so I bought myself the LR Bible. However it only offers 3-5 questions per topic, so I was wondering whether the LR Cambridge ordered by Type and difficulty offers tons of questions for specific topics.

Does somebody study with it ? If yes do you see an improvement ? Also does it include explanations or only the solution?



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Re: LR Cambridge LSAT

Postby annjel » Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:33 pm

Hi! I used Triacela, which is pretty much the exact same thing as Cambridge's ordered by type.

I used it for all 3 sections, and they are grouped by type in bundles.

So one bundle has PT 1-20, divided by section, then further divided by question type. And then I also got the bundle for PT 21-40. I'm assuming that's how Cambridge probably organized their sets as well.

I use this as part of the drilling component of my study prep and it is extremely helpful, especially in terms of identifying and recognizing patterns. If you're not already solid on the "theory" of the test, use the Bibles to supplement your drill.

I think it's been suggested numerous times on the forum to start reading a chapter from the Bibles and then once you complete a chapter, do the corresponding question type.

This kind of targeted practice should help with accuracy.

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