7Sage Logic Reasoning

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7Sage Logic Reasoning

Postby amnesiac84 » Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:51 pm

Has anyone tried it, is it really good?
I'm taking the LSAT in 5 weeks and i'm studying off the manhattan books for a couple of months, i seem to understand LR pretty well with the manhattan books but i'm willing to take a chance on the course if it will help on LR scoring.

I was on the fence on the service and there is little time left but i didn't have the money until now.

Would it be worth the 180 bucks for just 5 weeks ( more like 4 weeks) of review?
Does 7sage offer discount? They have a coupon option when signing up.


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Re: 7Sage Logic Reasoning

Postby CalAlumni » Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:35 pm

I'm pretty sure there is a coupon if you do a google search you'll probably be able to find it. I know their logic games approach is really good, but don't know much about their LR approach.

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Re: 7Sage Logic Reasoning

Postby LSAT Hacks (Graeme) » Thu Oct 25, 2012 7:50 pm

**Edit:** I'm no longer with 7Sage. I left make http://lsathacks.com, a site of free LSAT explanations. 7Sage and I are still on good terms, but I don't want this post to leave people with the wrong impression. I don't work there anymore I'm leaving this post for continuity. If the codes no longer work, you can PM me and I'll look into it.

**Update 2014** 7Sage no longer has coupon codes. The codes below don't work.


Hey, we have a few 10% coupon codes floating around. But we decided to make one for TLS to keep things simple. Use this for a 10% discount at checkout:


As for time....if you have time to study for the LSAT, you still have time to use our course. While you CAN watch every single video from start to finish, most students don't do that. Our course is modular - videos are arranged by topic and question type.

So most students have already done prep, and find the course most useful for going over areas they find particularly difficult. The main feature of the LR videos (and all the sections) is that we explain things via full walkthroughs of real LSAT questions displayed on screen. So theory and practice are not kept separate.

Would love to hear what other people have thought of the course/LG videos. Both good and bad.

Edit: It's a new year, so TLS2013 is now the TLS discount. The old one will still work.
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Re: 7Sage Logic Reasoning

Postby LexLeon » Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:41 pm

I would highly recommend pretty much everything that 7Sage offers.

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