October or December... thoughts?

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October or December... thoughts?

Postby OnionKnight » Sun Aug 26, 2012 4:37 pm

Hi guys, first time poster, longish lurker.

I decided to go to law school when I graduated (with a 3.48 cum, 3.7 inst) in May. My first prep test was a wreck. Half wrong on everything, and didn't even have a strategy for attacking LG's. Studied the Princeton Review prep book until mid-June, effectively got nowhere, and decided the way to go was with other prep mats. So I ordered and studied the LGB and LRB alternately up through July, and this month I picked up the RCB, as RC is my strongest area and needed the least amount of studying.

I'm overloaded on LR. I freeze up. This never used to happen, but now, having read so much strategy for attacking LR questions, it seems all that extra information almost bogs me down.

I'm still shaky on certain LG's. Basic linear/grouping is fine, same with sequencing. Slower with Advanced linear and the more complicated grouping games.

It's 40 days to LSAT time. Is 40 days enough time to improve from this debilitation, or should I call it a wash and push the test back to December, or are there any tips/techniques for powering through LR that anyone out there who's been in my shoes could care to share?

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Re: October or December... thoughts?

Postby SumStalwart » Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:20 am

You know, I am having those exact same concerns. I took a practice test under test conditions, a year ago, and ended up with a 171. Since I wasn't planning on applying for law school until this current cycle, I decided to focus on my GPA and then study for the exam later on.

However, recently, I have now taken two timed PTs and I have scored 161 and 156, respectively. What happened?! It almost seems like the more practice that I get, the worse that I have been doing.

My advice to you is to keep on taking timed practice tests, and then analyze your mistakes, after you finish (take a break between completion of the PT and your review). Then, if you haven't been able to make real strides within two weeks of the October '12 LSAT, I would recommend deferring until December. It almost seems better to hold off from sitting for a botched exam and completing your applications late than rushing into a horrible score.

I hope that this helps you out.

Good luck.

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