LG: to Diagram Possible Configs or not to Diagram?

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LG: to Diagram Possible Configs or not to Diagram?

Postby carboncopyx » Fri Aug 24, 2012 11:02 am

Having read both PowerScore's LGB and gone through Velocity's LG videos, I am confronted by a dilemma of how to approach LG. Velocity recommends that you essentially write down possible configurations in an Excel-like chart for later use in the "what is possible/what is not possible/etc." questions that arise. It's a lot of plug-and-chug, trying out different answers if none pop out right away. In contrast, LGB is very minimal in its basic template. Velocity's method can be time-consuming to write down all of the possible configurations created by the questions, but it does allow for easier reuse of previous problems. LGB seems more inference-driven and harder to master, but I can see it considerably reducing time once it "clicks."

My main trouble with the LG section is how long it takes me for each game. As someone who wants to score 173+ on the real thing, which LG methodology is more suitable?


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Re: LG: to Diagram Possible Configs or not to Diagram?

Postby vegso » Fri Aug 24, 2012 11:16 am

I almost always diagram one diagram at the start, and create hypothetical beside the questions as they are needed.

The only exception to this case is when you are given two variables and they tell you that you need one or the other but not both. These rules tend to be REALLY powerful and essential most of the time they come up (experience will teach you if you dont need to do this), so I've found, for myself, that this is the only time I need to diagram out more than 1 possibility at the start. (To help qualify this statement LG is probably my most comfortable section and I'm fairly consistent at -0 ~25 minutes)

hope this helped

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