Should I use Pithy's Complete LSAT Guide?

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Should I use Pithy's Complete LSAT Guide?

Postby abcde12345 » Mon Aug 06, 2012 11:17 pm

I've hit a road bump in my prep, and I'm looking for some direction. After loosely prepping for the past 2 months by doing the Superprep, LRB and LGB, I decided to start actual timed preptests. I purchased all 65. I took PT 1, got a 172; PT 2, 173; PT 3, 171. But then my scores started dropping significantly: on PT 4, I got a 165; on PT 5, I got a 160 (I gave up quickly after bombing LG, and half-assed the rest).

Thinking I was "burnt out," I took 2 days off and tried to do a later PT to contrast the difficulty of the tests. I took PT 50 and stopped halfway through at -9 CR and -7 LR. Something just isn't clicking (and because of my little 2-day experiment, it doesn't seem like it will "click" on its own).

It's two months until October (I may have to push back to December, although I obviously don't want to do that). Should I try Pithy's method? The benefits of an organized approach--especially psychologically--seem obvious to me. But are there any significant downsides to his approach? Or should I just stick with the PTs and get more exposure to the real thing? (For what it's worth, I find that reviewing my mistakes is not very helpful.)

Also, a question about his method: on his guide, he says "make 3 photocopies of every LG." Does he mean copies of the games from PTs 7-45 and divide those?

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