PT 44 RC question

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PT 44 RC question

Postby beautyistruth » Tue Jul 24, 2012 10:18 pm

I just finished PT 44. Could somebody please explain where/how I went wrong in my thought process for question 16 (second one of the science passage)?

"A" threw me because precisely I thought that "development of the nervous system" might be outside the scope of an article talking only about the development of "nerve cells." This, coupled with how perfectly the language and tone fell in with the passage (i.e. "paved the way" etc) made me sure that this was a trick answer.

Thus, I chose E because it seemed to most succinctly summurize the final outcome of the experiment (mouse tumor produces a substance that stimulates nerve cell growth) over B (just wrong), C (this hypothesis was proven early on and NGF causes cell growth, not death), and D ("observable biochemical reactions in the tissues" seemed far too vauge).

Can somebody explain how my reasoning with wording in regards to A was wrong, and how I can more confidently know how to equate certain words and phrases?

(I asked this on the Manhatten thread, but I thought I'd pose the question here as well).

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