Retaking, which course should I take?

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Retaking, which course should I take?

Postby ashen » Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:49 pm


I decided to go to law school super late and ended up taking the Dec. test last year nearly cold. Spent about a week studying. Pretty much just skimmed the bibles and worked through one untimed PT. Got a perfect LG score if that matters at all. Bombed both LR and RC .

I'm a decent standardized test taker historically: 33 ACT in high school cold and 1400 GRE cold as well ( which probably made me complacent in my LSAT prep). Decided not to go to grad school because my abysmal undergrad performance would seriously limit my choices regardless of GRE score (sub 3)

Scored a 159 on the LSAT and decided to apply anyway (sent out most apps mid-Feb). My cycle is pretty much done at this point and other than an absurd amount of WL decisions, my best admit at this point is PT at Chicago-Kent with a very small scholarship.
I want to retake in October and will spend the entire summer prepping, hoping for 170+.

I've also decided to take a course to motivate me to prep.
I'm currently based in Chicago and pretty much all the more popular prep courses are available. Between blueprint, testmasters, and powerscore, which one should I take?

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