Preptest 46 Section 2 #3

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Preptest 46 Section 2 #3

Postby CREATION » Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:19 pm

I was down to A and B.

I felt that A was difficult to eliminate. I felt that B was a little bit of a stretch of using the phrase ethical dilemma. While A is supported by it saying that the advance of medicine does not have a solution to every problem. As of right now, that is true. This issue of whether or not to tell people they have the genetics for a currently incurable disease is a problem that the adv. of medicine does not have a solution for.

I would appreciate any help.

Manhattan LSAT Noah

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Re: Preptest 46 Section 2 #3

Postby Manhattan LSAT Noah » Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:43 pm

That is a rather tricky #3!

I think the important issue with (A) is that it does not, as the stem asks, describe the state of affairs. The stimulus is about how a test has caused new issues (or, we can say, problems). It's a stretch to ignore the part about the test raising a new question or to turn it into an example of how medicine doesn't have the solution to every problem. Think about what (A) would be a good description of. I think it'd be something about how medicine has developed a lot of cures, but they haven't cured X.

I hope that helps.

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