Testmasters LSAT Prep Course cycle BEFORE LSAT test?

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Testmasters LSAT Prep Course cycle BEFORE LSAT test?

Postby pearla » Tue Mar 27, 2012 4:47 pm

I am planning to take the test in October, and I have just started reading the Powerscore trilogy. (I enjoy the Logic Games by the way :D ).

My question is:

1. Should I finish reading the Powerscore books BEFORE my prep class and take the early Summer course? (June-September)
Pro: I think I would get the best out of the Prep class that way.
Cons: The classes extend to the month of September, and some lessons are covered in that month. I would love to have some time to review all the lessons and from what I read online the homeworks are pretty intense. (I have a full time job)

2. Should I just sign up now? Classes start early April. :shock:
Pro: I would have plenty of time to review all the material AFTER the classes and re-take plenty of LSAT tests on my own. This is very crucial.
Cons: I will no longer have access to online material/instructors for questions + I will have to put myself on a strict schedule to keep practicing until the month of October. Also, I ideally would like to review those TM books before class begins, which is in a week :? I wished I had started reading sooner :cry:

Option 1 was my first choice until I realized how much practicing on my own and having enough time to review answers and testing over and over is crucial!!! Aiming at 170+

I will appreciate your input.

Thanks! :D
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