Worrying if I am smart enough

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Tom Joad

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Re: Worrying if I am smart enough

Postby Tom Joad » Thu Mar 22, 2012 10:18 pm

roranoa wrote:
Tom Joad wrote:I got a 170 and I am an idiot. Look through my post history if you don't believe me.

Lots of people can do it if they put in the work and study smart.

How did you study smart if you're an idiot?

You're probably smarter than you think.

Obviously you didn't read my post history.


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Re: Worrying if I am smart enough

Postby tomwatts » Thu Mar 22, 2012 10:28 pm

adil91 wrote:This has been bugging me for sometime know. I've been wondering if I am smart enough to get a high score(170+) on the LSAT. I scored a paltry 1230/1600 on the SAT(though it was with limited studying). I'm having this philosophical argument with myself as to whether I can study my way up to a 170 or that there is a certain ceiling for me that's a below a 170. I know that it may be illogical to think about this even before I've taken an LSAT diagnostic but I can't help but continue pondering this. Is there such a thing as innate intelligence? Can I consume myself with reading material to improve my ability to score higher on reading comprehension? Will taking classes on logic improve my innate ability to reason? Discus :mrgreen:

I'm surprised people haven't jumped on the bolded part more. You don't know anything right now, so there's no point in even talking about it. Worry less, study more, score higher.

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