Reading Comp Trouble

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Reading Comp Trouble

Postby Sesi329 » Fri Feb 17, 2012 9:16 pm

Reading comp is the only thing holding me back from 170's ended up with a 165 in December but a -9 in reading comp. Hoping to get that down to 4 or 5.
two question types that give me the most difficulty are those that ask "what is most closely analogous to which one of the following", such as the question for june 2003 section 4 #23,
and inference questions.

For instance on that june 2003 section I scored a -7
3 inference questions wrong
2 analogous questions wrong
1 weaken question wrong
1 authors view wrong

I'm just wondering if their are any better ways or if any of you have any personal strategies to attack those specific question types.

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