Anyone get tutored by LsatBlog guy?

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Anyone get tutored by LsatBlog guy?

Postby timeless » Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:59 pm

I'm trying to find myself an advisor/tutor for LSAT and the Lsat Blog seems to be pretty famous in TLS.
But the rate is so high....around $200/hr
Can anyone share his/her experience getting tutored by this person?
How did he perform or has been performing on the actual LSAT btw? Although i think tutoring and scoring may be separate issues, such information can still help those who are contemplating.


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Re: Anyone get tutored by LsatBlog guy?

Postby breadbucket » Thu Dec 08, 2011 11:23 pm

Have you taken any classes? If not, you may want to do that first, as you will get many more hours for the cost of a class than with the cost of a tutor. Unless, group learning is not your particular cup of tea in general.

Have you studied at all yet? Perhaps after some studying you may decide you don't need a tutor or a class, and that your perfectly capable of studying on your own.

Lastly, Is there a particular concept you are stuck on? Because this is generally when tutoring one-on-one is best; when you are stuck on what concept and can really focus on one or two issues for one or two hours.

I know you wanted specifics on this person, but am also curious why you want tutoring over some of the other, better priced imo, available options.

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