december retake advice and other business

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december retake advice and other business

Postby emasters » Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:19 pm

Got my score last night, and as it turns out most of my random guesses were in fact wrong (shocker). Anyone have any advice on whether it's best to try again in December or to wait until Feb after an extra 2 months of studying (which may or may not help; I suspect my score was largely based on poor performance rather than poor preparation/lack of potential).
Also, if anyone cares to throw some optimistic "taking the LSAT 3 times is still doable with an awesome addendum" words my way I would be very thankful..

Lastly, and I say this with careful consideration of how it may sound, can anyone offer some honest advice on the helpful or hindering effects of Ritalin while taking the exam? I am in fact prescribed the drug, but I've been meaning to phase it out of my life for health reasons, and in hindsight I think it worsened my test anxiety.

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