Improving LR speed

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Improving LR speed

Postby Da1andOnlyPharo » Sat Sep 24, 2011 2:23 am

Hey I looked all over the archives for a thread about improving speed on LR, cuz I figured it'd be a hot topic, but topics seem mostly to be about accuracy on LR and the assumption that with practice, speed will come. It definitely does, but I'm kind of plateauing here...

With LG time management seems obviously easier; if you finish a game under 8 minutes your ahead of schedule and if your taking longer you can look for the simpler games. RC also gets a lot of attention, because theres a lot to be said about making notes in the margins or skimming for broad ideas and referring back for the detail questions.

With LR, I haven't seen a way to get faster. I like the LRB's method of reading the stimulus before the question; i always took Kaplan's method cuz i figured it'd be easier to find a flaw if i was looking for it, for example, but hitting the stimulus first and making predictions does save me from reading the stimulus a second time, to no loss of accuracy i think. I also tried to get myself to start trusting my instincts on easier questions, where as before I'd find the right answer, circle it, and check every other answer just to reaffirm, now I take it and move on. The theory was that I'd have more time at the end to come back or more time on the really complex ones towards the end of the section. Problem is, I never seem to have that extra time to double check everything. Often when i get the 5 minute warning (I use the proctor mp3 to time myself) I find myself with at least 3 but usually more questions to go, and i'll even rush on those. This is getting kinda long winded but to sum up, since I don't actually have that time left over its actually risky to trust those instincts, cuz then I risk falling for a purposely misleading answer on a question that should be a free point and not going back to see it.

Currently I'm gonna experiment with both methods, seeing if I can tell a substantial difference in the end score. But like I said, even the theoretically quicker method leaves me scraping for time. I'm also thinking the fact that I gotta bubble in answers on the actual LSAT might take even up to a minute.

So yeah, anyone wanna share if one of the aforementioned methods works for you, or other strategies? general tips? what worked for you?

EDIT: just reviewed LRB's time management section again. Their idea for creating a pacing guide is good, I've been doing that instinctively I think for the most part. 10 Questions in 10 minutes seems smart; gives you about a minute thirty for each remaining question. Also interested in your thoughts on skipping parallel reasoning questions, the kind where each answer choice is about as long as the stimulus. Seems smart to skip and come back, since checking every answer takes a while and IMHO they're kinda hard to begin with. Anyways thought I'd share since i saw some people checking the thread out, but still hoping to hear from ya'll.

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