LSAT Abroad--Same/Different?

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LSAT Abroad--Same/Different?

Postby JIM_R » Thu Sep 22, 2011 1:45 am

Hi All,
I was thinking of taking the test abroad in Europe in December, as I will be working there. There is no rush for me to take the test, so I was wondering if anyone who had taken the test abroad knows whether the LSAT administered abroad is different than the one administered in the US for any date (except February). The reason I want to know is because I have read that nonpublished test centers do not give you a detailed report of how you did. Regardless of how I would do, I would like to buy the LSAT preptest for whatever test I take in the future and go over the answers. Now, if the LSAT is different in Europe, then I don't want to take it because I won't be able to go over the test. I appreciate the help in advance!



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Re: LSAT Abroad--Same/Different?

Postby psm11 » Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:06 am

My friend took his abroad last October in London and from what he told me it sounded exactly the same as the one administered in the US.

I just texted him and he said that it was all handled through LSAC and his report was the same as those who took it in the US.


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Re: LSAT Abroad--Same/Different?

Postby JIM_R » Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:12 am

Thanks for this! Though I would be taking it in Germany at an undisclosed test center...I'm curious if it makes a difference.

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Re: LSAT Abroad--Same/Different?

Postby Jeffort » Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:28 am

psm11 is incorrect.

If you take the LSAT internationally you will NOT receive a disclosure of the particular test form you are administered. Most likely you will be administered a different test form than the US/Canada/Caribbean one that is disclosed upon release of scores. Even though a different test form is composed of different logical reasoning questions/logic games/reading comprehension passages, since the LSAT is a standardized test, it tests the same skills in the same ways every time no matter which LSAT you are administered. No matter where and when you take it, it's just another LSAT like all the rest.

Your score report will show your scaled score but will NOT provide a breakdown of how you performed in each section or your raw points (how many questions you answered correctly). International test takers DO NOT get the full detailed report and test disclosure that US/Canada/Caribbean test takers receive.

You can easily find this and lots of other useful information by spending a few minutes surfing and reading the LSAC site. Go to:

It took me 20 seconds and three mouse clicks total to get to the below link including the time to open a new browser tab:

Direct Answer to your question: ... #disclosed

If you are going to Germany soon, enjoy Oktoberfest. Make sure to check out Hofbräuhaus in Munich and also visit Mannheim to have lots of fun! :)


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