"Out of Scope" answers in LR

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"Out of Scope" answers in LR

Postby tmc07d » Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:47 pm

Can anyone give me some advice on how to compare an answer choice to the stimulus (in Logical Reasoning) in regards to "out of scope". What is something you look for in an answer and how do you check the stimulus to see how they compare. Any information would be helpful. Thanks a lot.


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Re: "Out of Scope" answers in LR

Postby minnbills » Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:51 pm

Pay attention to words like: some, all, most etc.

You have to develop a habit of making note of the scope of what it is you're reading in the stimulus. Maybe you could write notes in the margin like: "some c are f" for "some computers are faulty" or whatever it might be.

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Re: "Out of Scope" answers in LR

Postby Angrygeopolitically » Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:56 pm

Yes key words. Also, I prefer the phase 'it strengthens/weakens etc.... a slightly different conclusion' to 'out of scope.' So watch the nouns and verbs in the conclusion and make sure the answer choice is responding to those same nouns and verbs. For example: review =/= edit, utensils =/= rolling pins.

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Re: "Out of Scope" answers in LR

Postby JoeFish » Tue Aug 30, 2011 2:17 am

All above is correct; a large percentage of the time there will be a term that actually has absolutely nothing to do with the prompt. In more subtle cases, words or ideas will be applied in an irrelevant way, and those are a bit rarer and tougher to deal with, but ultimately of the same character. Just focus in very strict terms on what the stem is talking about, and if an answer contains a word or idea that seems completely out of left field, so to speak, it probably is.


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Re: "Out of Scope" answers in LR

Postby SanDiegoJake » Tue Aug 30, 2011 2:32 pm

If you're talking about scope, you have to differentiate by question type. Answers to assumption and inference questions will have narrow scopes, so any answer choice that goes outside of exactly what the argument is talking about can be eliminated as out of scope. On the other hand, answers to weaken, strengthen and principle questions will have much broader scopes. They may include new information, so you will not want to eliminate answer choices as "out of scope" unless they're wildly out of scope.

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