How to prep for October?

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How to prep for October?

Postby Klinklang » Fri Aug 19, 2011 1:30 pm

So after about a year of studying, my June score was a disappointing 163 (162 cold, 168 PT avg.). Anyway, after thinking most of the summer I wouldn't retake, I've just decided it simply isn't worth it not to (I'm at a 4.0 lol).

My question is, how should I prepare for October, given that I'll only have about a month to do it? LG has never been a problem (almost always -1, I'll just need a couple days' review). LR is a bit tougher - in June I believe it was -2 and -5. But RC is my kryptonite; PowerScore, so strong with the other two sections, didn't really help there, and I got pounded for something like -8, maybe 10. I've ordered the Manhattan Prep instead and will begin that as soon as my PS is done, so 9/1 at the latest.

Does the board think one month's dedicated studying of a familiar test, even though I'm going to be in school, is enough time to study up and dominate the next go-around? I'm shooting for at least a 166, but a 168 would be excellent. How would you fine people go about it? Thanks!

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