Quick question about Incorrect ACs in Flaw questions

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Quick question about Incorrect ACs in Flaw questions

Postby ComatoseClown » Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:30 am

For certain Flaw Questions, can there sometimes be incorrect answer choices that are not flaws but are actually statements that are legitimate and consistent with the argument, whose descriptions actually correctly summarize of what the argument does? What I mean to ask: Are each of the 4 incorrect answer choices ALWAYS representative of some sort of flaw in general?

And, if you aren't bored yet at this point in reading my post and are feeling an extra sense of kindness: Can you verify whether choice E of PT24.S2.Q6 is an instance of the above paragraph -- is it actually perfectly valid and consistent with the argument and hence not at all a flaw? :)

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Re: Quick question about Incorrect ACs in Flaw questions

Postby JacobH » Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:42 am

I've come across a couple of Flaw questions with answer choices that summarize a portion of what the argument did, but that wasn't actually the prevailing flaw in the argument. I think anyway, I've done so many.

As for your question, I'm pretty sure all the answer choices for Flaw questions are some sort of flaw. Otherwise, those answer choices would be too easily crossed out.

I don't see how choice E is consistent with the argument.

The individual is described as holding a unique set of skills and talents no one else has, but that isn't applied to the group as a whole. Rather, the argument makes it clear that each candidate has his/her own unique set of skills.

This isn't like those questions where Conglomerate A, LLC is known for B, thus employee C is well versed in B.

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Re: Quick question about Incorrect ACs in Flaw questions

Postby suspicious android » Wed Jul 27, 2011 4:16 am

Just want to add that accurate descriptions of the argument or parts of the argument are pretty frequent incorrect answer choices on flaw questions.

And yeah, E on that question isn't describing what's actually going on.

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