LR question from PT40 -Theater Performances-- help requested

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LR question from PT40 -Theater Performances-- help requested

Postby ComatoseClown » Sat Jul 23, 2011 5:52 pm

(Of course there's only one possible correct answer, but I'm not able to see why it's correct. Your response is kindly appreciated.)

PT 40 S3 Q8 - "Everyone likes repertory theater...."

D (the correct answer) seems to me to be too obvious.

Why couldn't A be correct? Doesn't it provide a reason that the managers like the large revenues -- because the managers realize those revenues could fulfill their large capital outlay requirements at the beginning of each season?

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Re: LR question from PT40 -Theater Performances-- help requested

Postby suspicious android » Sat Jul 23, 2011 8:07 pm

Large capital outlays are not great thing. I would rather not have to make them, I think it's a fair assumptions that theater managers feel the same way. So . . . how does this strengthen the argument that more theaters should switch to repertory theater? That seems to do the exact opposite of what we're looking to do. You're just trying to find an additional reason it might be a good idea to switch to repertory theater:

A - Repertory theater requires lots of money up front? Oh, that's not so great.
D - Repertory theater is easy to reschedule when necessary? Awesome! That's convenient.

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