LSAT Prep Help - What should I do?

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LSAT Prep Help - What should I do?

Postby Tatavo » Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:51 pm

Hello all, I'm new to these forums, but have been reading up on them the past couple weeks.

I wrote the LSAT in June and ended up cancelling my score as I think I did pretty poorly. I felt a little overwhelmed while writing the test and really struggled, having to guess on at least 5-10 questions in each section.

The books I used to study were the Powerscore bibles. I read through the entire LG bible and found it quite helpful, I feel pretty good in regards to logic games, although there was one on the June LSAT that I struggled with. I also read through the entire RC bible, which I felt was ok, but I still struggled with this. Finally, I got through about half of the LR bible and definitely could have still improved a fair bit on this section.

Obviously, I made some bad decisions in regards to my studying habits and didn't take the LSAT as seriously as I should have. I didn't do any practice tests in entirety, but instead just did some of them in sections, which obviously wasn't the same.

Anyways, I just registered for the Dec. LSAT and was wondering what you guys recommend I do to prepare this time around? I'm currently considering buying the 3 '10 More LSAT" series books as well as Superprep, since I hear so many people on here recommending them. I have a fair bit of time to study between now and Dec. and really want to take advantage of it and get down to work as soon as possible. I've read about Pithypike's complete LSAT study guide, and am strongly considering going with that.

I've also been considering taking a course, but from the sounds of it, not too many people on here seem to think it's worth the money.

I felt pretty down after the June LSAT and had to take a couple weeks to more or less get myself together. Any recommendations and/or suggestions would really be appreciated.


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