Last minute LR advice (scientific questions)

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Last minute LR advice (scientific questions)

Postby Tainted_Praise » Fri Jun 03, 2011 6:12 pm

For the most part I'm where I want to be when it comes to LR... But that still doesn't change the fact that every single time I see a scientific type of question, or a question that involves numbers... My mind gets completely FLUSTERED... This is quite possibly because I have trained myself into thinking I suck at math and numbers... But the way I speed through LR so fast is by just imagining I'm reading a novel. And each question is a little snippet out of a random novel and I picture the question in my head perfectly.. Like it the question has to do with someone who is on a counsel making promises or two friends arguing or cats having a certain characteristic... Etc. I literally formulate the picture in my mind and I breeze through it and it doesn't even feel like I am reading.. But when it comes to the math and science questions... I just FREEZE because I can't picture 60 Celsius in my head or that cow milk is pasteurized at 50 degrees higher than it used to..Or that the ozone layer shrunk. I dunno. Sounds weird. Does anyone have any way to help me get over this?

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Re: Last minute LR advice (scientific questions)

Postby citykitty » Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:02 pm

It's been my experience that usually the ones involving numbers and scientific data need to be diagrammed. (mabye I'm just having a selective memory, but that's what I recall). Try diagramming with words, if the numbers freak you out?

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