How to prep between now and October?

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How to prep between now and October?

Postby Hull_at_The_House » Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:49 am

Hey, need some advice on this one. So I was originally supposed to be taking the June LSAT next week, but I decided to withdraw and take it in October instead.

My prep had been going pretty well. I completed both of the bibles, all LG 29-38 and around half of all the LG grouped by type. Also completed all three Superprep tests and 8 prep tests. Was consistently averaging around 89 as a raw score (giving me scaled scores from around 167 to 170). Thought I made a breakthrough when I hit a 92 raw score and a 171 on PT55, but I'm really not where I want to be. All my sections are around the same level, although RC is between -0 and -3, and LG is between -0 and -4. Mainly its LR that gets me, between -3 and -5 per section. LR mistakes are extremely diverse (used the LR spreadsheet), but higher amongst structure, inference and weaken questions.

So I have the following PT's at my disposal for October: 53, 54, 60, 61, 62, 63. I'll be graduating with around a 3.97 next year, probably end up as Salutatorian. So I figure the only thing between me and HYS is a high enough LSAT score (i'm thinking 174+). How should I prep between now and October so I can achieve this?

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Re: How to prep between now and October?

Postby SoPro » Wed Jun 01, 2011 8:36 am

First off, don't be overly-rambunctious about YS. Their admissions process is enigmatic and, from what I've read, no candidate is a 100% lock. With that being said, a 3.97 and 174+ LSAT gives you a sound chance at being seriously considered.

From today, you have four full months until the October test. The length of this duration is both positive and negative.

It's good, because you have more than enough time to review your weaknesses. In that regard, I would suggest you thoroughly review the relevant sections of the LR Bible, and, if you can, go back and review the LR questions you missed. I'm not sure how detailed a log you're keeping, but try to review the questions and determine why exactly you missed it. Six tests for four months isn't that many, but it will allow you to review each test in exhaustive detail (both the questions you answered correctly and incorrectly).

On the other hand, four months is enough time, without any practice, to erase your gains in LG and RC. Although you want to emphasize LR, don't let your scores in those sections drop due to complacency. Constantly review.

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