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Re: Any suggestions? Have I hit a wall?

Postby delusional » Tue May 31, 2011 8:23 pm

lsatcrazy wrote:Ok here's the issue:
I have started taking Preptests at a two-a-day or so clip (Saturdays off) preparing for the June LSAT, and have found a strange trend: On old preptests (20-38) I consistently score between 170 and 176, but on new ones (50 and on) I get between 167 and 169, and have yet to crack 170. More annoyingly, I will get a -4/5 on a different section each time; one time it will be a hard 28-question RC, the next time it will be a screw-up on a tough LG or random LRs. Any suggestions on how to boost my "new-test-scores" to the 170s? Am I maxed out on my potential here?

Take a day off, then return with renewed focus. The LSAT messes with your head, and you need to relax your mind to stop it.

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