Took First Diag...Plan of Attack?

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Took First Diag...Plan of Attack?

Postby Cornelius » Mon May 02, 2011 3:26 pm

I'm a couple years out of undergrad, working full time, and have been seriously considering leaving my job and attending law school full time starting in Fall 2012. I finally decided to pull the trigger, register for the June LSAT sitting and see what happens.

I finished up a diagnostic to see where I stand (took the free June 2007 test) and wound up with a 90/100 for a 168. Time management was an issue in the logic games section, where I got five of my ten wrong answers, so I went ahead and ordered the logic games bible, which I think will be a big help in learning how to diagram the problems instead of pseudo-diagramming/doing it in my head.

I also had previously ordered the Kaplan review book, but after reading people's opinions of it I'm inclined to return it. I blew through the reasoning and reading comp sections, having about 10-15 minutes to spare on each, so I maybe could have eeked out another question or 2 in the one analytical section where I got 3 wrong.

Other than the logic games bible and just doing some more practice tests, any suggestions? Is it even worth picking up the other bibles if I'm getting 46/50 on the analytical reasoning sections and 26/27 on the reading comp? Maybe just a general review book (suggestions welcome)?


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Re: Took First Diag...Plan of Attack?

Postby JD2014 » Mon May 02, 2011 4:39 pm

Consider the books referenced in this schedule. ... plans.html

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