Retaking 168; After >400hrs prep, feel stuck @RC/LG :/

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Retaking 168; After >400hrs prep, feel stuck @RC/LG :/

Postby Theheat633 » Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:59 pm

I can consistently get timed -2 or fewer in each LR section, almost without fail. Games and RC are much more of a toss up.

In preparing for the Feb test, I was avging 168-170 (high of 173)--so I didn't underperform due to anxieTTTy or anything. I just feel like my ability to see key deducations (e.g. breaking a game into scenarios or finding a inference that breaks a game) and processing a RC passage isn't as fast as it needs to be. And I'm not sure what the best course of action is between now and June 6.

First Time Around:I read LGB & LRB 2X each and used Voyager's RC passage mark-up strategy. I also took every PT from 20 to present timed.

Games:-I can do all straight forward sequencing games, in and out grouping games, and basic linerar games with 100% accuracy in <7mins every time.
-I can get most advanced linear games, pure sequencing games with conditional rules, and grouping games with multiple sub-groups in ~9mins with almost 100% accuracy.
-I can get combo games and difficult advanced linear games in ???????? mins with ????????? accuracy. Sometimes I can power through with hypos. Other times, I'm just dead in the water (e.g. first time I did the notorious dino game).
Reading Comp:Sometimes I'm -3, other times I'm -6. I'm still experimenting with different strategy and trying to get faster, but it's tough too.

Help? tips? tyia. GPA is 3.95+. Retake Goal is 170+. Also, I have 20hrs/wk to dedicate to retake prep til June. TYIA TLS!!! :)

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Re: Retaking 168; After >400hrs prep, feel stuck @RC/LG :/

Postby secretad » Mon Apr 11, 2011 6:29 pm

You sound like me. I think to improve the reading comprehension section for you, at least at this level, is going to be more about eliminating an answer choice. Go back to your old tests and take some RC again, and if you miss any, go back and see what tempted you on an incorrect answer. If you have access to your old incorrect answers, do the same thing. Notice if there are particular question items that are giving you consistent trouble. I doubt its main point. If you are like me, it may be inferences. I am getting better at that in preparation for June.

As for RC supplemental help, I am not sure if an item such as Manhattan's RC study guide is a good idea for us (people in our situation). I hear so many rave reviews about it. However, I feel like I am so close to finally being able to end my RC woes.

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Re: Retaking 168; After >400hrs prep, feel stuck @RC/LG :/

Postby bp shinners » Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:47 pm

A quick suggestion for making deductions in those tough LG games (since it seems that's your biggest issue, and additionally you seem to have a bit of extra time to power through them).

When you get stuck without any solid deductions, look for an absolute (not conditional, with a new rule) must be true question. If you don't already have an answer to it in your setup, figure out what the answer is. Make sure it's right. You now have a new deduction to add to your setup.

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Re: Retaking 168; After >400hrs prep, feel stuck @RC/LG :/

Postby Theheat633 » Tue Apr 12, 2011 9:38 am


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