Kaplan Method: Online Audition Questions

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Kaplan Method: Online Audition Questions

Postby Chimica » Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:11 pm

I applied to teach Kaplan (and before I get the swarm of Kaplan sux responses, I will mention that I live in a smaller city and the more elite prep companies don't operate out of here). Anyhow, the audition is 7 minutes and consists of explaining the blurb for a logic reasoning question. It is just the blurb with no questions at the end and we are asked to "Identify the evidence, assumption, and conclusion in this statement" and to explain it so the students would understand it.

As I didn't do Kaplan and did not study in a formal fashion for LR, I'm having some difficulty with this. I am assuming that evidence is all the supporting information and the conclusion is ..well.. the conclusion, but i was hoping some people wh may be more familiar with Kaplan could help by letting me know how they teach it. Like should I mention the key words that help identify a conclusion, What is evidence? etc...

Thanks in advance.

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