3 Takes

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3 Takes

Postby JesusChrist » Fri Feb 18, 2011 1:21 am

tl;dr - Outside of the top 6 or so schools, do 3 takes matter?

So I took the LSAT in Oct and got a 164. Got about 10 wrong in LG, where I usually get -0. So I took it again this Feb. LG fucks me again. 2nd or 3rd I misunderstood a rule and took something for granted. I caught it about 3 or 4 questions into the game and went back to change my answers but it really put me behind. It didn't help any that the games were crazy hard but I ended not getting a chance to bubble in the last 3 questions. I don't think I did so hot in the other games either. So I'm feeling like it could be 10+ wrong in just the games again.

Except, I think I might have done really well in the LR and RC sections. I can't say for sure because I kind of feel like my mind is amending certain events on that date to help my ego cope.

I was testing high 160s and had gotten 173 on the last PT before test day. That PT was on a test I hadn't taken before so I was feeling really good.

Right now, I'm thinking unless I somehow get a 170+ I am going to retake. For no other reason than that even if i get a 169, I know I could have done much better. That being the case, is there any reason for me to cancel? How do most of the T8-16 view 3 scores? I've heard that UCLA and some of the lower ones don't care at all. But what about T6-12 for example? I'm kind of feeling like I have nothing to lose by waiting to see what score I get, and then re-taking. Am I right?

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Re: 3 Takes

Postby EarlCat » Fri Feb 18, 2011 1:48 am

T6? T8? T12? T16?? WTF?

If you know you have a good shot at a better score, retake is a no-brainer...no matter what arbitrarily selected T_ schools you want to apply to.

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