Studying earlier and alternating books and prep test.

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Studying earlier and alternating books and prep test.

Postby nina09 » Wed Jan 12, 2011 3:39 am

The concise question is in bold , since I already have been told that my post are to long. :wink:

So my original plans changed and I decided to start checking what I needed to study law in the State.

The diagnostic was a disaster , 100% my fault.

I have always been quite good at logical reasoning and reading compression but since they always say people who do not have English as a first language will have a harder time. I was expecting bad results but not this bad.

I did not answer the last 10 questions from the logical reasoning session, I had to study for my finals so I choose to get frustrated with things that would actually get graded now .

I only got around 10 questions right in the LG.

I filled the wrong bubble, talking on the phone while doing the test is not good.

As for the rest , I clearly was not using the terms correctly or did not know what they were asking.

My score was 146 , :oops:

I think my weak points are things that can be solved and I can get the significant improvement that I need.

Since I have more time , I will be applying for 2014 ,maybe even later.

I'm planning to start to prepare now . I know most people hate the idea of studying so long for the LSAT but I have way too many weak points to wait for the last minute and I will probably have to prepare for another standardize test later on and work on my English.

Plus if I feel that I'm ready , I could take it early see the results and got to plan B if I'm not satisfy.

I'm working first with the vocabulary, since I need to know what I'm being asked and the correct use of those words. I got the list of commonly use words from the lsatblog

To start I got the following books ,

LG bible and workbook.
The next 10 actual preptest
The books that are given in the kaplan course ( lesson , endurance ,mastery and pacing)

I also order the other 2 preptest books but those have not arrived , so they don't count.

I decided to crack open the lesson book and it looks like a really useful book and is explained in a really simple way.

The plan is too study the strategies and how to answer the questions , to create a strategy that works for me. Do a prep test and see what I did not understand , journalize it to see my progress and go back to studying and keep doing that until I understand everything or all the prep material runs out...

Any suggestions , in how to correctly alternate the prep-tests and books. Theres no use in doing a prep test to see your progress if you already saw the answers.

I don't plan to work on my timing at this moment, since has that never been a real issue for me when it comes to standardize test. So I don't need to do full lengths , right now.

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