Other prep besides full-length Powerscore class?

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Other prep besides full-length Powerscore class?

Postby kbucklsat » Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:29 pm

I am taking a full length Powerscore test in August and September for the October 1, 2011 exam.

Along with this class I plan on working through the 10 real LSAT books...

Is there any other prep I could do before starting the class? I can start as early as July preparing for the LSAT. I am graduating in June and will not have any commitments besides the LSAT in October. I am taking time off to solely focus on the test.

Any suggestions?????? Thanks!


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Re: Other prep besides full-length Powerscore class?

Postby tourdeforcex » Wed Dec 08, 2010 7:29 pm

haven't taken PS but it's a credited prep course.

first, it's good that you're taking time off to focus. it should help your score.

as for prep before the class, i'm not sure how PS approaches though i've worked through the LG Bible. for fun you could try a practice test. but don't do more than 1/a few b/c you want to save those PTs for when you are seriously studying and know how to approach.

other general TLS advice is read. serious stuff like the economist or scientific american. get in the habit of processing and understanding dense material like that.

as for after the course/ near the end, buy up recent PTs and do them. it's easier to score higher on older PTs.

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