1 Month for LG

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1 Month for LG

Postby guinness » Tue Nov 09, 2010 12:27 pm

I'm one month away from the LSAT and LG are my downfall. I typically am getting -11 on my sections and hope to improve to -0 on test day :twisted:

I just wanted to make sure this was a sound strategy for making that goal a reality:

I will be finishing the LGB by the end of this week.

Each weekday I do 5-15 LG grouped by type. For example, last night I did 14 Basic Linear (Balanced) tonight I will be doing 9 Basic Linear (Unbalanced). I plan on doing virtually every game released between now and D-Day.

My question is, I have been trying the games while being cognizant of the time but still going for accuracy. Last night I averaged 1-2 wrong on each game (not ideal) and did them all in 6-10 min. Usually the ones I got wrong were due to a mistaken inference, missed rule etc. After completing the game, I correct it, and work on each missed problem until I understand the reason that I got it wrong. I don't have time to do every game through 3 times (I work full time and am studying 3-4 hours a night), but will this strategy likely lead to results?


PS. I am also planning on completing the LGB Workbook in the coming weeks, supplementing my PT's with 2 additional LG Sections (for a grand total of 6 sections per PT), and keeping up with my LR / RC. Going to be a busy November!

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Re: 1 Month for LG

Postby MdmMoisel » Tue Nov 09, 2010 11:39 pm

It's a good idea to practice, but I think you're following your practices blind-fold. I also miss LG questions but because I'm short of time and miss an entire game. But otherwise, when I work on a game I rarely get any question wrong. Thats because I take it it slow, figure out all the rules, derive inferences and if possible, draw out 2/3 different set-ups. For some questions I draw out hypotheticals. Thats probably why I miss one entire game. I should work on speed. I think you should work on your accuracy first before going for speed.

When you review your games think of alternate ways you could've derived an answer, or inferences you missed, or hypotheticals you could've drawn. When you re-do the game, do it untimed, think thoroughly. Hope this helps!

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