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Frustration Vent

Postby KevinP » Sat Oct 30, 2010 2:51 pm

So I took the October 2010 test and canceled. After receiving the PDFs today, I quickly went through them and marked the answers that I put (I have really good memory) and marked any answer I was unsure of as wrong. Afterwards, I went through the answer sheet and looked up which ones I got right/wrong.
My potential results:
-3 RC (I NEVER do this well on 50+ RCs, all misses were on the transnational passage)
-3 LR Total (All of these wrongs were answers I wasn't sure of what I put, not necessarily wrong)

I canceled because I got stuck on ONE lg QUESTION and my pride wouldn't let me skip it. Before this test, I always went -0 with time to spare so that is why I refused to skip it. Anyways, spent about 15 minutes on ONE QUESTION and decided I didn't have enough time left and canceled.
I could have potentially scored a higher score on this test than my highest PT average if I just skipped the stupid LG q.

Anyway, good luck to those of us retaking in December and I sincerely hope we shall destroy it like nobodies business.

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