Schools finding out before us?

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Re: Schools finding out before us?

Postby incompetentia » Thu Oct 28, 2010 6:05 pm

DrackedaryMaster wrote:
Remnantofisrael wrote:This whole thing came up because apparently some people (person) got an update from Harvard today saying their app was done blah blah. So, yeah, maybe they have some sort of earlier access, but who knows and who cares? The school sure as hell aint giving you this info early, and there are tons of alternate explanations better than "they got my lsat before I did!"

LSAC would probably trust a school like Harvard with that information. However, I doubt schools find out before us. If they did, I bet every TTTTTT school would be sending emails offerring "for a nominal fee" to obtain your score before the release. LSAC may be a-holes, but they're not stupid.

No wait, even better! The TTTTT school would, in addition to the "nominal fee" mandate the person wanting their score have to apply "early decision" to the TTTTT.

Early decision consists of an auto-admit for anybody who has a 120 or a cancel on the LSAT and a -3.96 GPA or higher

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