Confused and need some guidance?

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Confused and need some guidance?

Postby oreo3405 » Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:08 pm

Okay, my RC section is freaking me out and I am not sure if its going to kill my score.

I guessed (D) on the last eight questions for RC (basically the whole 4th passage)
The whole rest of the test i was able to deduce SOME sort of answer, and needless to say I dont feel bad, but I don't really know how good I did either. Out of the dozens and dozens of PT's I did, I knew when i did bad on LR due to time, but yesterday time wasnt my issue and the whole test is kind of a blur. I never could get a feel of how I did for LR. I definitely rocked LG with ten minutes left to really check over my answers. Im just worried i fell into some deep trap and screwed myself with LR.

I dont think I want to cancel because Im eager and want to know what my score is.

Thoughts? Is RC going to kill me?
BTW: I am shooting for like a 165. (Sorry for the TLS members who are 170+ or bust lol)


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Re: Confused and need some guidance?

Postby NJcollegestudent » Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:13 pm

Theres a section in a private prep book that had an entire section on guessing, complete with figures. I found that to be scary that they did that.

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