Ultimately my choice but want some advice...

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Ultimately my choice but want some advice...

Postby yngblkgifted » Sun Oct 10, 2010 3:26 am

I took the LSAT for the 2nd time today. My june scoe was a 158. I wanted to score higher than that so I decided to retake. I took atleast 20 PTS in the mean time and started averaging around 165. I really wanted to get mid-160s but I would be perfectly fine with a 16-something. Im an AA male with a 3.9 and I a VA resident and ideally would like to go to UVA ( great school, good price, t-14 etc, etc). I've heard of rare cases of extreme splitters like me getting in through ED this cycle.

However, today I left the test not feeling so hot. I was nervous, more nervous than I was the first time, I felt like I was in more of a "do or die" mode. Though I knew and had a better grip on the LSAT material this time my psychological state wasn't that great. I was really nervous on the first passage on the RC and I had to guess on two questions in this section. ( Not bad considereing I usually have to guess on 3-4 in my PTs) but at the same time that RC section seemed kinda like a blur. The argument sections went ok- I had to make quick educated guesses on like 2-3 of the arguments sections at the end, meaning that I looked at every question but didnt really disect the last 2 or 3. I usually finish all of them right at 34-35 minutes. Also, my games section was not great, I finished 3 and a half because I misdiagrammed in the third game. I was feeling psychoolically "off" after the games section because of the misdiagramming and it lead into the last section of arguments and took me until question 8 or so not to have a negative feeling.

Overall, I am not so sure about how I did on the questions I did answer. I t was all a blur I just remeber feeling really badly once it was all done and I have had a strong urge to cancel. I know to some extent this can be considered "normal" but I don't want to be doing any wishful thinking. As I walk through it, it doesn't seem as bad as how I felt but I just don't know. I feel like I was so nervous and moving quickly that maybe I made stupid mistakes.

My biggest concern is that my score will be less than a 158...just thinking about that on my application sounds terrible. I feel like if I didnt ddo as badly as I though t I can come away with a 160 something but If I go off of this gut feeling I could have less than a 158. Should I not risk it go with a cancel and a 158 or is it worth the risk to wait for the score and hopefully do better than my last score. I know its my choice, but I would like some feedback, advice, tips, etc...Its been bugging me so much I couldn't go to sleep without posting this.

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Re: Ultimately my choice but want some advice...

Postby northwood » Sun Oct 10, 2010 4:28 am

it sounds as though your nerves got the best of you. contact UVA and tell them about your experience and your scores injune and today ( tell them your prep test range from the summer on to give them and you a better idea about where you "should" have scored). After this conversation, you should have a much clearer idea about what to do. As hard as this may seem, try to sleep on it for tonite and tomorrow before making any rash decisions. That will help you gain some persective. Good luck.. im sure you will do just fine in the long run

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Re: Ultimately my choice but want some advice...

Postby dcman06 » Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:23 am

UVA's tuition is basically at private school level. I believe it's because they don't take any state funding though most of the rest of the university is (UVA Business School doesn't take funds either and operates similarly). Tuition and expenses are at 62K/yr for Virginia residents, 67K/yr for non Virginians. Virginians get a 5K discount from the private school-esque tuition as a courtesy.

The only state run law schools are William and Mary and George Mason since they charge considerably lower tuition.

As with the LSAT, I'd wait a couple days to see if the feeling doesn't go away or does. Hopefully a higher than normal portion of the country had problems yesterday as well, so the equating goes in our favor!

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