Easiest RC ever?

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Re: Easiest RC ever?

Postby AverageTutoring » Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:33 am

lennonist wrote:
3|ink wrote:
shanshan333 wrote:I think it's funny someone mentioned that the dancing bees snuck in again...

Why do they do that? That had to be intentional.

they have no more topics left...so they try to exhaust them as much as they can, be it honeybees, native americans, british/aussie law, or ethnic minority advancement.

Is it just me or Thurgood Marshall has been thoroughly exhausted? Kinda starting to miss him.

Sure. They recycle topics but they don't have to recycle them two exams in a row...that means it was intentional. For what point and purpose? No idea...I think I benefited from it though because I knew shit from doing PT 60 lol


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Re: Easiest RC ever?

Postby danicalifornia » Mon Oct 11, 2010 8:03 pm

For any of you who thought the RC was easy, could you possibly PM me to discuss the comparative section and the last section about African American History? I'm SUPER iffy on both of them, and pretty worried. Sadly, I couldn't figure out even where the dancing bees tie in....

Thanks in advance! :)

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